Fresh, Flavorful, Fantastic Garlic!

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Schrauth Sweet Sensations offers 2 different types and 13 different varieties of garlic for your culinary delight.

Our garlic is fresh, naturally grown, and hand picked to perfection for you.

You will find a summary of each type of garlic and its suggested use, however feel free to explore and give us feedback on your taste tests - we love to hear from our customers!


Garlic Scapes

$2 per Bunch or $50 per Bushel Basket

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Garlic Salt #2.jpg

Garlic Salt

Made with our pure Garlic Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Hawaiian Alaea Salt. Our signature blend is sure to please.

$6 - 4.5oz. wt. Shaker


Garlic Powder

Clean, healthy cloves of garlic. No skins, no roots, no fillers, just pure garlic cloves.

It is a labor and time intensive process, but the final product is well worth the effort.

We recommend using less than a recipe requires, as it is very robust in garlic flavor.

$8 - 3oz. wt. Shaker



Rocambole Hardneck Stores 6-8 Months.

Balanced sweet and spicy flavor. Great for roasting. Averages 7-9 tan colored cloves per bulb with a white wrapper. Best for recipes calling for raw garlic. United States.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Kettle River

Artichoke Softneck Stores 6-8 Months.

Rich flavor with a medium-hot aftertaste. Averages 12 cloves per bulb that have a double row and purple stain. Great for soups and stews. United States.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Russian Red

Purple Stripe Hardneck Stores 7-9 Months.

Complex sweet, spicy and hot flavor with an earthy aftertaste. Terrific rich and mellow flavor when roasted. Averages 6-9 cloves per bulb with a mottled red wrapper. Good, raw garlic for garlic butter, salsa, and spreads. Muldova.

$7 per 1/2 pound

German Extra Hardy

Porcelain Hardneck Stores 8-10 Months.

Strong, bold flavor with a high sugar content. Averages 4-6 large cloves per bulb that have a dark red skin. One of the best for roasting. Good in stews, soups, and poultry dishes. East Germany.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Chesnok Red

Purple Stripe Hardneck Stores 7-9 Months.

Long lasting, medium-hot flavor. Preserves its complex flavor when cooked. Averages 7-12 cloves per bulb. Best for baking. Republic of Georiga.

$7 per 1/2 Pound


Porcelain Hardneck Stores 8-10 Months.

Good, sweet, pungent true garlic flavor. Medium-hot when eaten raw. Average 4-6 large cloves per bulb. Becomes sweet when baked or roasted. Highest content of allicin. Germany.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Italian Purple

Rocambole Hardneck Stores 6-8 Months.

Rich, full, long lasting flavor that's not overly hot or spicy. Averages 8-9 purple streaked cloves per bulb. Versatile for all around use in salsa, garlic bread, and guacamole. Italy.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Georgian Crystal

Porcelain Hardneck Stores 6-9 Months.

Rich, smooth, and slightly smokey flavor. Mellow when eaten raw. Averages 4-6 large, easy peel cloves per bulb. Great for pestos, salsas, and stirfry. High level of allicin when crushed. Republic of Georgia.

$7 per 1/2 Pound


Porcelain Hardneck Stores 8-9 Months.

Hot and rich flavor. Starts off mild but becomes a strong and robust flavor that lingers. Thick, white outside wrapper. Averages 4-7 purple cloves per bulb. Belarus.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Estonian Red

Purple Stripe Hardneck Stores 6-8 Months.

Eaten raw it tingles the tongue, but mellows quick. Mellow flavor when cooked. Averages 5-6 large cloves per bulb. Great for shrimp and seafood dishes. Denmark.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Metechi 2.jpg


Purple Stripe Hardneck Stores 8-10 Months.

Robust garlic flavor with a hot, spicy bite. Cooking will tone down the heat, while still holding that big garlic flavor. Averages 5-7 large cloves per bulb with a purple accent wrapper. Great for cooking sauces. Republic of Georgia.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Majestic 2.jpg


Porcelain Hardneck Stores 8-10 Months.

A mild flavored garlic that is not too overpowering. Averages 4-6 large pinkish tan cloves per bulb. Great for use in recipes needing raw garlic. Canada.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Spanish Roja

Rocambole Hardneck Stores 5-7 Months

True, robust garlic flavor, pleasantly hot and spicy. Averages 9-11 tan cloves with a light purple stripe. Roasts well. Use raw for pesto and salads. Spain.

$7 per 1/2 Pound

Why Choose to add Garlic to your diet?

Garlic has amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals and supplies the required daily allowance of 95% of B-6, 52% of Vitamin C, 33% of Copper, 21% of Iron, 18% of Calcium, 26% of Selenium, and 73% of Manganese in just 100g.

  • Garlic contains organic compounds that upon disruption of the bulb (while crushing, cutting, etc.), these compounds convert into Allicin through an enzyme reaction. Allicin is known to reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, reduce risk of coronary artery disease, and reduce the risk of stroke.

  • Studies show consumption is associated with decreased incidence of stomach cancer.

  • Allicin and other essential volatile compounds also found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal activities.

  • Garlic herb has been in use for a long time in many traditional Indian and Chinese medicines as a remedy for cold, cough, bronchitis, etc.

  • Garlic oil has been used as a local applicant for fungal dermatitis infection (ringworm) of the skin.

  • Is advocated as health benefiting food for its anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and immune boosting and cholesterol-lowering properties.

Garlic Types

Rocambole Subspecies - Hardneck variety with more complex flavors that softneck varieties. Each head contains 6-11 large, easy peeling cloves around the center stem.

Porcelain Subspecies - Hardneck variety with 4-6 symmetrical large cloves per bulb. Store longer that Rocambole due to their tight clove wrappers.

Purple Stripe Subspecies - Hardneck variety named for their bright purple streaks and blotches on wrapper and clove skins. Each head contains 8-12 cloves, slightly smaller than the Rocambole.

Artichoke Subspecies - Softneck variety with multiple over-lapping layers of mostly evenly sized cloves with 12-20 cloves per bulb. Generally milder in flavor.