Nature Made Maple Syrup

$5.50 - 8oz. Jug
$8.00 - 12oz. Jug
$10.00 - 16oz. Pint Mason
$18.50 - 32oz. Quart Mason
$70.00 - 128oz. Gallon Jug

Available in Original or Cinnamon Infused Maple Syrup

Why Choose REAL Maple Syrup?

Maple Syrup supplies more that 100% of the required daily allowance of Manganese, 37% of Riboflavin, 18% of Zinc, 7% of Magnesium, 5% of Potassium, 5% of Calcium, and 4% of Iron, plus many more Minerals and Vitamins in just 4 tbls.

  • Maple Syrup contains Antioxidants (4 tbls. have as much as a serving of Broccoli) (Antioxidants fight cancer-causing free radicals and slow aging)

  • Maple Syrup is cholesterol free and reduces the risk of heart disease

  • Maple Syrup has 2/3 as many calories as corn syrup (‘Maple Flavored’ Syrup is mainly corn syrup plus a lot of other stuff)

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Maple Syrup.jpg

We bring you maple syrup as nature intended. The only thing added is hard work!